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Paul Thompson, An Interview

July 7, 2013

Listen to Episode 122

The Show is in off-and-on mode. Tonight it was on, with an interview with one of New York’s premier Masters Runners, Paul Thompson. Mostly though we spoke about the UK system for runners (and it’s the same for other sports as well). Thanks to Paul for coming on.

May 19: Joe and Brenn

May 20, 2013

Listen to Episode 121

Just Brenn and Joe, talking about Brooklyn (Brenn) and Mary Cain (Joe).

Also a brief solo thing, Ep. 120.

April 21: Final Boston Thoughts

April 25, 2013

Listen to Episode 118

Joe, joined by Mark, with some final thoughts on Boston.

April 16: Boston and the Bombs

April 16, 2013

Listen to Episode 117

We recorded after the explosions at the Boston Marathon. We spoke of it with Brenn, Gregg, Steve, Mark, and Amy.

And apropos to some of what we discussed, Mark forwarded this article from Ken Benson at the Times: Security Experts Ponder Whether Any Long Race Can Be Completely Safe

April 7: Cloud259

April 11, 2013

Listen to Episode 116

There’s been talk about this new Cloud259 podcast, so Joe, Brenn, and Gregg decided to turn the tables on, well, Brenn and Gregg, and ask them about their show.

March 17: Just Me

March 17, 2013

Listen to Episode 115 [link fixed]

It was just Joe today, and he rambled on about a few things.

March 10: And Miles to Go

March 17, 2013

Listen to Episode 114

The North Brooklyn Runners had a mile race, and we spoke of it, and of racing the mile on the track.