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Episode 11: How We’d Fix NYRR; Or Is It Broken?

December 25, 2010

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The Boston Athletic Association recently sent a notice out that it was rethinking how qualifications for the Boston Marathon will be held in the future. Someone noted that the letter did not make a lot of sense since there’s only one way to fix Boston and that’s to adjust the qualifying times so that everyone who runs a qualifier is in. NYRR had its own tempest with the New York City Half-Marathon, which is done by lottery but a lottery, it turns out, that is heavily biased against New York-area runners. NYRR is trying to make its own adjustments for the race in the future. Yet unlike the BAA, the solution is far from simple.

So we thought we’d talk about that and more generally about ways NYRR could improve. And that’s what we’ll be doing Sunday, December 26 at 8pm.  As always, information on how to join is at Directions (above) and access to the show via TalkShoe (right).

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  1. December 28, 2010 6:36 pm

    Just finished listening to the show. Keep up the good work. Just a few thoughts on the show:

    1) I ran the NYC Half the first year NYRR put it on. It was in August that year. I thought it was fun but I don’t need to run it again. A few days before the show, TK and I met at her gym on 48th & 6th at 6:30 a.m. We ran from there through Times Square to the West Side Highway. There was no one around and I commented to her “Who needs the NYC Half when we can do this!”

    2) Regarding the way to “qualify” – I understand I’m in the minority but I, as well as other observant Jewish athletes, cannot qualify for the 2012 NYC Half. For 2011, NYRR moved the Manhattan Half to Saturday. with Brooklyn also on Saturday, I could only run 3 in 2011. I’ve come to terms with that but it annoys me. What bothered me more was NYRR’s reaction to an e-mail I sent complaining that Queens Half was scheduled on Rosh Hashana in 2009 (maybe it was 2008). It was very cold and insensitive.

    3) Like Joe, I also live in the ‘burbs and there are plenty of 5ks in Bergen County, NJ. I wouldn’t travel into NYC to run a 5k in CP to run with 5,000 runners when I can run with 200 – 300 runners. I would like to see other races outside of CP. I agree that Wall St. is not the perfect race, but I still have fun. Coogan’s is also fun and I think is better than Wall St.

    4) There is a great 5k and 10k event on Memorial Day weekend in Ridgewood, NJ. There is also an elite mile. It’s maybe, 10 -15 minutes from Manhattan. Each race gets well over 1,000 participants. There are also activities for the kids so it’s family friendly. Check it out, I’ll also do my best to help spread the word about NJ races that are within a reasonable distance from NYC.

    I’m really enjoying this show and I’m going to make better effort to participate. Sundays at 8 should work but if I can’t get on the show, I’ll try leave some thoughts on each show. Feel free to share them on a future show.

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