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Episode 14: Central Park. And Shorts Over Tights? Yes/No

January 16, 2011

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On Episode 14, with Amy, Brenn, and Julie, the main topic was Central Park.

We shared a number of maps of the Park:

We had an intro about the most-recent NYRR issue — how it decided who gets to do the Empire State Building Run-Up, a topic we’ll address in a later show.  We also spoke of our various experiences, including workouts, in Central Park.

Our Moment of Zen:

A friend (a guy) tweeted: “Hey guys: If you’re going to wear running tights, put a pair of shorts on over them. Nobody wants to see your junk.” While we were left wondering whence this question came — men having been running in tights without shorts for over a decade — the consensus:

  • Amy and Julie agreed: They don’t care. Notwithstanding what men may think, they don’t spend a lot of time, or thought, on the male crotch.
  • Brenn: I wear shorts, as do most of the CPTC guys.
  • Joe: No.
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  1. January 20, 2011 5:25 am

    Good show chaps. I want to know where the toilets are in Central Park. I’m not going to be looking for a bath in the middle of a run.

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