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Episode 26: It’s a Scottish Thing; You Wouldn’t Understand

April 11, 2011

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Joe, Amy, Steve, Brenn and Julie covered NYRR’s second club series race of the year, the Scotland Run, a 10K that covers the entire outer loop of Central Park and then some. Tales of bravery, near-pukery and other feats of derring-do abounded. Sadly, there was no bagpipe soundtrack (although the show did end with the sounds of a cat being strangled).

Steve clued us in to an upcoming panel on NYC Running Clubs, featuring members of this podcast, at the JackRabbit Sports NYC Running Show (an expo, not to be confused with this New York Running Show). And, finally, Amy talked about “the rules” — no, not those rules. The rules for proper pathway usage by cyclists and runners along the George Washington Bridge.

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