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Episode 32: How Long Is It?

May 30, 2011

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On our Memorial Day Week-End show, Joe was joined by Steve, Brenn, Frank, and Emmy, and the latter two pretty much took over. The topic: Phil McCarthy of New York, recently set the (to-be-certified) record for miles covered in 48 hours: 257.7 miles. (His report. And Frank’s (that’s Frank’s report on Phil, not on Frank’s having done it).) Frank and Emmy are quite familiar with these things, and we can a good, educational chat about Ultras. Did you know “Beware the Chair”? I do.

We spoke about a few more things. How are you going to top, though, 257.7 miles? But the Memorial Day Marathon at Van Cortlandt did come up and (as I write this on Memorial Day) Frank, Emmy, and Joe did portions of it. Brenn had a bit of a misadventure in the Media Run last week.

Although it’s not official, summer is here. And here’s a video from the Holiday Marathon. Alas, it was a tad warmer today than it was for Vanentine’s Day:

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