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Episode 34: The Mini, adidas, etc.

June 13, 2011

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Big crew on June 12. Karla sang that national anthem before the Mini and then ran the race. Tavia ran the race. Julie watched the race. Emmy missed the race. And they all spoke about the race. And Julie has some videos (the start’s below).

Julie, Tavia, and Brenn then watched the adidas Grand Prix Diamond-League meet at Icahn Stadium.

A lot going on with those two events, but Amy joined part-way through with tales of her epic Chesapeake Bay swim. And the muffin she enjoyed after her Van Cortlandt 5K on Thursday. And Emmy and Frank chatted about some of the three races they did run over the week-end.

Joe mentioned a meet-up at the Rockies in two weeks, on June 26. Sort of a getting-acquainted session. And Steve? He kept to himself.


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