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Episode 35: Joe, Karla, Steve

June 20, 2011

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Karla ran and Steve, well, ran the Lousy T-Shirt 5K, a certified course in Riverside Park. It was a fine effort for NYCRuns’s first race, and there’ll be more of them.

There was talk about the imminent demise of the USATF Metropolitan Chapter, and what might happen next. Will there be more alternatives to NYRR races?

Steve, by the way, was calling in from Burlington, Vermont, having just completed the Green Mountain Relay. So we heard a bit about that non-New York (but popular with New Yorkers) event. Karla’s pumped about her first tri. In Ontario.

Speaking of NYRR race, Joe ran the Portugal Run. He have a brief report on it.

As promised, here’s Julie’s video of the finish of the Portugal Run:

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