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Episode 38: A Race Grows In Brooklyn

July 18, 2011

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Steve is rightfully excited. The Inaugural Brooklyn Marathon. 8am. November 20. Prospect Park. It’s Official.

The New York City Marathon’s first race was 4 laps of Central Park and 127 finishers. Well, Brooklyn will just about double that. eight laps of Prospect Park and 250 entrants. (Granted, it’ll cost more than $1 but that’s inflation for you.)

After that, Julie and Joe spoke of their Central Park Conservancy 4-Miler experiences, and then about their, and Steve’s, adventures at the Van Cortlandt Track Club’s annual 2 X 2 relay at Van Cortlandt.

Brenn mentioned the upcoming Diamond League event in Monaco, and a stacked 5,000 field. He also brought us up-to-date on the Media Challenge 3.5 mile series, in Central Park.


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