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Episode 44: Tuckahoe Challenge, Continental Breakfast 5K and…High Anxiety!

September 12, 2011

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In this “extended dance mix” episode, a full 75 minutes of alternating wisdom, rambling and pregnant pauses, Brenn, Joe, Julie and Steve covered quite a lot of ground:

First we revealed the jewel that is the Tuckahoe Challenge, a combination of 1 and 5 mile races just a few train stops from Harlem. This year Julie, Joe, Emmy and Frank all took part in the 35th running. If you’re looking for a great tuneup for the Fifth Avenue Mile, this one’s a no brainer.

Then we learned about Steve’s newest venture, yesterday’s inaugural Continental Breakfast 5K (which featured a spread that sounds more like the Bellagio breakfast buffet), a race that involves a group of teenage runners improbably named The Determined Ladies.

Then we pondered the mysteries of pre-race anxiety. What causes it? How can you prevent or manage it? Can it ever be useful? How come even after decades of racing it never goes away?

Finally, we headed back up to Westchester for an update on next weekend’s Yonkers Marathon and Half Marathon, which Steve has helped to grow into the largest field in its 86 year (that’s not a typo) history. Register now or get shut out.

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