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Episode 45: What Are Yonkers?

September 19, 2011

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After months of anticipation and hard work, the 2011 Yonkers Marathon was run on September 18, with a half-marathon. Steve was a major behind-the-scenes actor in the races, and he spoke about that and what he hopes will happen to the race going forward. Emmy ran the marathon, and she spoke about how she enjoyed it.

So much time was spent on that race, the second oldest marathon in the US. (Boston is first.)

On Thursday, Julie ran the Sunset and Suds 5K in Riverside Park, a major topic of show 41. Although the latter portion of the race was held in the dark, a good time was had here as well.

Finally, with the Fifth Avenue Mile coming up this week-end, we spoke a bit about that, although none of us has run it. Several of us are doing this next one, though, so expect reports next week.

Finally, you’ll note the Endure link to the right. The show about which we spoke in Episode 37 is back in Brooklyn, and New York Running Show listeners get a 10% discount on tickets. Julie spent a good amount of time this week-end scoping out the rehearsals.

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