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Episode 49: We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat

October 9, 2011

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Brenn, Steve, and Joe tonight. Brenn ran and Steve worked at the Greenpoint Get To The Point 5K this afternoon. Both enjoyed it, and we had a bit of a discussion about chips versus D- and B-Tags. Some of the folks who ran that race ran the Staten Island Half as well, the final of the Five-Borough Halfs (4 this year with the Bronx-cancellation).

We spoke about that race last week but none of us ran it. According to the NYRR Facebook page, though, it appears that there was quite a pre-start issue, something about not having a big enough ferry. Who knew they came in different sizes? The guy who finished eighth was particularly peeved. A second boat had to be gotten, but the people on that boat arrived at the start well after the start of the race itself. Steve speculated that NYRR couldn’t delay the start for permit reasons. Consensus was reached on the show that it was a screw-up. It seems likely, however, that this is the type of thing at which NYRR is good and that it won’t happen again.

Steve is rightfully pumped for the inaugural Brooklyn Marathon, set for November 20. The course is set up and will soon be certified. Only a score of spots available.

Joe revealed that his next race will be the Rocky’s 5K on October 29. One of two races at the Rockies — there’s a 10K in the Spring — this will be a good one. He also gave fair notice that he will not be running any races at the Armory this year. If anyone cares.

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