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Oct. 30: The Tough Task of Watching the Marathon

October 30, 2011

Listen to Episode 52

Brenn, Steve, Tavia, and Joe chatted about the up-coming NYC Marathon and spectating it. Tavia has found her stretch of Queens populated by more and more people each year. Brenn will be up by Marcus Garvey Park near Mile 22.  Steve chatted about the iPhone/iPad and Android application for those watching the race and following people in it.

Some discussion of the Brooklyn Marathon, which is sold out, and the cancellation of this morning’s Poland Spring 5-Miler and how NYRR handled it (hint: well).

And some final talk about this coming Saturday’s Race-to-the-Finish 5K, with Tavia talking of her experience in the Boston 5K the day before the Boston Marathon.

[Edited to add:

On October 31, I (Joe) received an email sent to all Wave 1 entrants that makes clear where the UPS trucks will be this year. It is the reverse of 2010; in 2011 the low corrals will be first. Here’s the email (and it’s something I wish NYRR had done sooner):]


Because you are a runner with an ING New York City Marathon bib number between 500 and 21,999, we have an update for you. After you cross the finish line on November 6, you will exit the park at 77th Street toward Central Park West, instead of walking farther north in the park.

If you’ve checked any baggage, you will collect it from the appropriate UPS truck at the West 77th Street exit. As soon as you have your baggage in hand, you will be directed west toward Broadway, where you can plan to meet your friends and family beyond Columbus Avenue.

NOTE: You must move west on 77th Street with the flow of traffic for the safety of all of our runners. You will not be able to walk east or re-enter the park once you leave it.


We want you to be aware of the exact location you will exit the park on race day, so you can meet your friends and family in a safe and convenient location, away from the park. There will not be a formal family reunion area, so plan to meet your family and friends at a pre-determined location, such as a restaurant or hotel.There will be no area to meet in Central Park, on Central Park West, or on 77th Street (east of Columbus Avenue).


If you have any questions, you can visit the information booth at the ING New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expo for answers.


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