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Jan. 22: Episode 62

January 23, 2012

Listen to Episode 62

It was Brenn, Steve, and Joe and we spoke of three thingsL a 5000, the mile, and an Ekiden.

Brenn ran the 5000 at the Armory on Thursday. How’d it go?

The Bring-Back-the-Mile movement (in Alice’s Restaurant terms at least) was discussed. And here’s the video Steve mentioned:

For reference, the Ryun-Liquori race at the Penn Relays clip (which was in 1971) begins at 1:15.  And here’s how it was broadcast:

Finally, there’ll be an Ekiden soon. And here’s video NYRR put up on YouTube (which we mention because we don’t want to get in trouble with it again):

Oh, and the Dylan video to which Steve referred is “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. Google it.

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