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Episode 84: Yonkers and the Mile

July 22, 2012

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Again this week it was Joe and Brenn and Gregg. Brenn brought up Joe’s post at RunWestchester on the Yonkers Marathon which was a follow-up on Episode 82 of this show.

Which led to a discussion of the mile and Joe’s account of his first mile as a 50 year-old.  And it began with Gregg and Brenn talking about a one-mile challenge from Marathon Talk.

Brenn then complained about the rating for the  East Side Track on a site, and Joe challenged him to put-up or shut-up and write to the site-owner about it and Brenn said he just might and Joe said “well, then do it then”, and Brenn said, well, I’m not sure what Brenn said. Somehow the point was made: if you have comments about a site and particularly one that purports to provide information for local runners, share. This holds true for WestchesterTrails and for NY Running Routes and any other similar site that seeks to disseminate information runner-to-runner.

And here’s the link to Gmap-pedometer.


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