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Feb. 10: Brenn, Steve, Joe. Where Have All The Marathoners Gone?

February 10, 2013

Listen to Episode 111

Following up on Brenn’s (and Gregg’s) initial podcast on, [LISTEN] we spoke about the marathon a why, given the growth of the event, there seems be fewer sub-2:30 men than there used to be. Is there a cap on how fast a good athlete who doesn’t run track but plays, say, soccer or lacrosse in high school can run a marathon? We don’t know.

And Brenn spoke of the upcoming Millrose Gamers. Verdict: the move to the Armory seems to be working. And there may be a nice upswing in indoor track after the doldrums of not-so-many-years ago.

Finally, Steve spoke of the first of NYCRuns Club-Challenge Races, held today in Prospect Park.

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