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The New York Running Show is a weekly show recorded on TalkShoe and available from this site or from iTunes. Most weeks we’ll have an overall subject or theme; on some weeks we won’t. It is open to anyone who’s interested in participating. Here is the TalkShoe page for the show.

You can participate in three ways:

  1. Join in on the call (the show’s host will activate your audio so other callers and listeners can hear you)
  2. Join in the chatroom discussion
  3. Join us on the call and in the chatroom

To join in, just:

  • Go to TalkShoe
  • Go to Sign Up
  • Register, using the 10-digit phone you’ll be using to call in as your PIN. Then when you call in and enter the show number (46097, followed by the pound key), you’ll be automagically joined in on the call.

You’re now in the system; you need not go through the sign up process again. You should be able to get into the chatroom by clicking on the “TalkShoe” link to the right.

You also have the option of joining as an anonymous guest in the chatroom. If this is all you want to do then there is no need to sign up. Just click on the “JOIN IN” button found on the show page 15 minutes before the call is scheduled.

Finally, you do not need a computer at all to call in. All you need is a phone with long distance service. Just call:

  • 724-444-7444
  • Call ID: 46097#
  • If you are not calling from the phone number you used as your PIN — or you did not use your phone number as your PIN when you originally signed up — you’ll be prompted for your PIN. Otherwise, you should be connected automatically.

Also, TalkShoe doesn’t like Chrome. Firefox seems okay.


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