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March 3: Amy, Steve, and Joe

March 3, 2013

Listen to Episode 113

Amy, Steve, Joe.

Amy spoke of her indoor triathlon experience, sponsored by Jack Rabbit Sports. Results not yet up. 10-minute swim, 30-minute ride, 20-minute run.

Steve had comments about his junket to Savannah for a Running USA conference.

Joe mentioned the fine third episode of with an interview with Ulrich Fluhme and a discussion of drugs and drug-testing.

Steve mentioned seeing Mary Cain at Millrose. Joe offers the following video from her freshman year, when she still ran for Bronxville HS, in this case on its 4 X 800 relay at the national championships (advance to 6:40):

Feb. 24: Brenn, Joe

February 24, 2013

Listen to Episode 112

First we spoke about our friend Paul Thompson, one of the area’s top runners who was training for London, but who suffered an injury-of-an-unknown-nature and is now planning on skipping it. His blog entry.

A bit of comment about the NYCRuns Central Park Half and full marathons (marathon results), with a fine pre-race article in Bloomberg.

Then a review of the first two and preview of the next episode of the show recently started by Brenn and Gregg, 259Cloud.

Feb. 10: Brenn, Steve, Joe. Where Have All The Marathoners Gone?

February 10, 2013

Listen to Episode 111

Following up on Brenn’s (and Gregg’s) initial podcast on, [LISTEN] we spoke about the marathon a why, given the growth of the event, there seems be fewer sub-2:30 men than there used to be. Is there a cap on how fast a good athlete who doesn’t run track but plays, say, soccer or lacrosse in high school can run a marathon? We don’t know.

And Brenn spoke of the upcoming Millrose Gamers. Verdict: the move to the Armory seems to be working. And there may be a nice upswing in indoor track after the doldrums of not-so-many-years ago.

Finally, Steve spoke of the first of NYCRuns Club-Challenge Races, held today in Prospect Park.

Jan. 27:

January 27, 2013

Listen to Episode 109

Brenn and Joe. Brenn spoke of the new project that he and Gregg are working on, a website called They hope to launch in a few weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

And there was talk about blogging in general and some specifics from Joe.

Jan. 20: The Musical!

January 20, 2013

Listen to Episode 108

Steve joined Joe and we spent a bit of time talking about NYCRuns getting together with the New York Running Company’s east-side store for weekly runs. And we spoke of other things. Here’s the New York Trail and Ultra Runners Meet-up page.

Then Joe decided against reading a poem. Choosing instead to sing it. Be forewarned. Here are the lyrics, for a Winter’s Trail:

When the snow falls, and soon after it’s done,
I will admit, a great time for a run.
The softness of stride, the muffled-out noise,
Perfect to run, to savor its joys.

The wind how it howls, and tickles the skin,
Makes one feel sad, for those who slept in.

But after a day, or maybe it’s two,
The lightness of snow is no longer new.
The surface gets hard; prints from many a foot,
It gets tough to know where your next step to put.

So as for me when that snow turns to ice,
Plowed roads and the treadmill will have to suffice.

You find yourself suddenly thrust in mid-air,
Wondering just how it was that you ended up there.
Or your foot gets stuck and your ankle gets bent,
Leaving you non-running time during which to repent.

So as for me when that snow turns to ice,
Plowed roads and the treadmill will have to suffice.

Jan. 13

January 13, 2013

Listen to Episode 107

This was a solo effort in which Joe discussed the re-launched WestchesterTrails site and solicited information for inclusion.

Works in progress:

The trail map:

The track map:

Jan. 6

January 13, 2013

Listen to Episode 106

Brenn, Gregg, Steve, Joe.