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Aug. 19: Gregg and Joe

August 21, 2012

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Tonight was a bit of a chat with Gregg and Joe. Gregg mentioned links (other than the faithful for New Jersey and Long Island races:

Mainly New Jersey races:

Long Island:


August 12: Olympic Recap

August 13, 2012

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Again with Brenn, Gregg, and Joe, mostly talking about the Olympics.


August 5: Brenn, Gregg, and Joee

August 5, 2012

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With Brenn, Gregg, and Joe. Gregg ran yesterday’s Club Champs, so we talked about them, before morphing into race strategy in Central Park races and more generally, with some heated discussion. And some talk about the Olympics men’s 10,000.

Here’s the Kip Litton thread on LetsRun we mentioned, and here’s a blurb from the New Yorker piece on him by Mark Singer.

And here’s Martin Gladwell’s piece on Alberto Salazar, which non-subscribers may get.

I was correct in my recollection of last year’s club Championship. I wrote:

I did have a bit of a scare as I approached the finish. For the first time, I started getting shaky in the legs. The finish is shortly after a left-turn onto the 103rd Street Transverse and before I made the turn I questioned whether I would make it. As I said, it was tougher than I expected. I took water at 2. I was fine afterward and in the post-race jog. I don’t know what caused it.


July 29: Joe and Steve

July 30, 2012

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It was Joe and Steve. About Yonkers, the Founders 5K in Prospect Park, and a six-hour ultra, all NYCRuns productions.

And a bit of a chat about Amy’s swim around Governor’s Island.

Episode 84: Yonkers and the Mile

July 22, 2012

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Again this week it was Joe and Brenn and Gregg. Brenn brought up Joe’s post at RunWestchester on the Yonkers Marathon which was a follow-up on Episode 82 of this show.

Which led to a discussion of the mile and Joe’s account of his first mile as a 50 year-old.  And it began with Gregg and Brenn talking about a one-mile challenge from Marathon Talk.

Brenn then complained about the rating for the  East Side Track on a site, and Joe challenged him to put-up or shut-up and write to the site-owner about it and Brenn said he just might and Joe said “well, then do it then”, and Brenn said, well, I’m not sure what Brenn said. Somehow the point was made: if you have comments about a site and particularly one that purports to provide information for local runners, share. This holds true for WestchesterTrails and for NY Running Routes and any other similar site that seeks to disseminate information runner-to-runner.

And here’s the link to Gmap-pedometer.


Episode 83: Someone New Joins Us

July 22, 2012

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We had a newcomer on board for this show, Gregg Stein, a teammate of Brenn’s living in New Jersey. So we talked about places to run and race in New Jersey, among other things.

We should note that anyone interested in joining, on a one-off or long-term basis, please let us know. Just drop a note in the comments.

July 8, 2012: NO SHOW

July 8, 2012

For technical reasons at TalkShoe, we were unable to do a show on July 8.

Epidsodes 80, 81, and 82

July 8, 2012

I did it again. Got a bit behind.

Episode 82

This was chiefly a discussion about the prospects for a new Yonkers Marathon course.

Episode 81

Just Joe, ranting about a couple of items in that day’s Times.

Episode 80

With Brenn and Amy and then Steve joining.

Episode 79: Rambling with Brenn and Joe

June 10, 2012

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Brenn and Joe spoke of the NYRR Mini and the adidas Grand Prix at Ichan Stadium, both on Saturday, June 9. Joe commented on a Times article on the meet that was nearly completely about Oscar Pistorius. He promised to post links to the Science of Sport series that pretty convincingly establishes that Pistorius has an unfair advantage. Here are the most recent (there are more):

On The Radio

Not really. But good for your MP3 player (I avoid references to Apple products whenever possible but these can be downloaded through (not at) iTunes.)

Brenn mentioned Here’s the Shorter interview. (As to the 1972 marathon, Kenny Moore’s “The Long Blue Line: A Rerun” opens his book “Best Efforts”. It is one of the best bits of running journalism you’ll ever read.)

Competitor Radio has great interviews. Here are some recent ones:

Episode 78: The Wall Street Fiasco

June 6, 2012

Listen to Episode 78

Brenn and Steve were on board, and Brenn gave us an account of the Wall Street Run, which was significant because it raised issues as to crowd control.