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Episode 77: Frank’s Dam Marathon. And NYRR’s Numbers

May 28, 2012

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Frank was on board to talk of his adventure on Saturday — hot and humid Saturday — when he finished fourth in the inaugural Croton Dam marathon. (Frank posted a couple of things: one, two, and the photo to the left, which is from the Dam.)

We spoke of Scarsdale-native Lindsey Scherf’s victory in the Ottawa 10K.

And Joe directed folks interested in NYRR”s financials to the NY Attorney General’s page, the most recent being for the year ended 03/31/2011. Head-scratching numbers: payroll of $13,439,698. And $205,000 to non-New York elitish running groups. This was all in the context of the unequal prize money between men and women in NYRR’s two elite 10Ks, Healthy-Kidney for men, the (unsponsored) Mini for women.

The winner of Frank’s race:


Episode 76: Amy’s Sprain Adventure

May 23, 2012

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Amy Cooper chatted about her excellent experience at the Mild Sprain Trail race, which we spoke about last week with Dave Vogel, the co-RD. Amy gave it high marks.

Episode 75: Sprain Ridge Trail Race

May 13, 2012

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We invited Dave Vogel, co-RD for the Mild Sprain 4.25 mile trail race I mentioned last week. Dave told me that he has gotten nearly universal support from the mountain-bike community for the event. Who am I to disagree?

If you’re interested, check it out. Next Sunday morning.

Episode 75: Ari’s Back

May 6, 2012

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Most we talk to Ari about his experience at the inaugural Escape to the Palisades HM. Sounds like a well-run race on a fine, if “challenging” course. Plus a reference to HS phenom Mary Cain and the plethora of races coming up next week-end.

Episode 74

May 6, 2012

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Amy’s friend Teddy came on board to talk about his recent Boston/London experience. If one runs 4 of the 5 Major Marathons (Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York), should the fifth let you in? That was the question.


April 22: Brenn and Frank

April 22, 2012

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Brenn talked about his Boston experience, and Frank his 50K Sybil Luddington.

Also, please let us know you’re out there. Drop us a note or leave a comment.

A Bunch of Episodes

April 17, 2012

It was pointed out to us that we’ve not posted a show in a bit. We’ve had shows. We just haven’t posted them. So in reverse order we have (I don’t remember what the topics were for most of them):

Episode 72

April 15: With Bobby Papazian of the Bronxville Running Company.

Episode 71

April 1. Amy spoke about running the VCTC’s Urban Environment Challenge, Steve about running the Roosevelt Island 10K

Episode 70

March 25. With Brenn, Steve, and Amy. A bit more about the NYC Half.

Episode 69

March 18. With Brenn, Steve, and Karla   Talk of the NYC Half-Marathon, which Brenn, Steve, and Karla participated in.

Episode 68

March 11. With Brenn and Steve. About North Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Track Classic.

(There was no Episode 67.)

Episode 66: 12-and-a-half minutes of glory

February 27, 2012

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On board we had Brenn, and Steve, and Joe. And Steve thrilled us with his recounting of his anchor leg at the First New York City Ekiden. And that’s pretty much all we could talk about. (Joe’s report.)

Episode 65

February 20, 2012

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We had Frank, Emmy, Steve, and Joe, and we chatted about stuff, including a discussion about some of our favorite local clubs.

Early on Joe pitched his new site, NYRunningRoutes, which is intended to advise of alternatives to big-road running. It’ll be only as good as the contributions folks make to it. If you have a favorite route, or more than one, drop him a line over there.

Feb. 12: The Millrose Games

February 13, 2012

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It was Brenn. It was Joe. And 28 minutes and 58 seconds of hilarity. Actually 58 minutes and 28 seconds about the Millrose Games and why many of us have a love/hate relationship with actually racing on a track.

Here’s Joe’s take on the meet:

The 105th edition of the Millrose Games was the first at the Armory. (Results.) It was broadcast live on YouTube. It went well. Not enough was said on the stream about the major differences between the Garden’s 11-lap track (I’m not sure of its exact dimensions in the metric-age, but it was 160 yards, i.e., 11 laps to the mile) and the Armory’s 200 meters. The shorter track made passing very difficult and while it had a certain novelty approach with races sometimes seeming as though they were being run on a gerbil’s wheel, the 200 meters made for more interesting racing.

Plus things seemed much brighter than they did at the Garden. Kudos to the Armory folks and to NYRR, which had a major role in the move, for changing what had been a dying institution into something enjoyable.

The Races

The four marquee middle-distance events did not disappoint. In the women’s 800 (video (incl. a replay of an aborted start)), Morgan Uceny looked pretty comfortable winning off of a slow pace. No one looked more comfortable though than did Matt Centrowitz in the NYRR Wanamaker Mile. (video) 3:53.92 like it was nothing.

Jenny B atoned for her blow up in last week’s 3000 in Boston with an impressive win in the 1500 (below although this link will take you right to the start (I learned how to start YouTube videos midway)), taking the lead relatively early and holding off Shannon Rowbury’s late charge. She looked as though the weight of the world was off her shoulders.

And the men’s 5000 (video from start) was superb, with Bernard Lagat looking, well, Lagat-like in 13:07.15 and another New Jersey high-schooler, Edward Cheserek setting the high-school record with a 13:57.04.

I was shocked about one of the big races, the HS Girls’ Mile. I wrote a while back about Bronxville’s Mary Cain and she was the second fastest qualifier to North Shore’s Samantha Nadel, although she was well beaten by Nadel in the qualifying race. Cain seemed in good form, setting a NYS record just a week ago in the 1000 at the Armory with her seemingly effortless stride. I think Cain prefers to front-run so the question I had whether she would go out hard.

She didn’t, but Nadel was behind her through a slow first quarter. Cain then moved to the front and I thought she was set up perfectly. Just as suddenly, though, she faded, and Nadel shot through for the lead, one that kept increasing and led her to an easy (and repeat) Millrose win in 4:46.09. Cain was a well-beaten fourth in 4:52.19. Cain, who was sixth at Nike Cross Nationals and has recently switched coaches, is likely aiming for outdoor where her focus will be on the 800. I wonder, though, whether the coaching change and attendant issues have had an effect on her.

One other high school girl did well in the 800, as Ajee Wilson of Neptune NJ was fourth in the open 800 in 2:04.13. She could be the first high schooler under 2.

I was saddened that the team with which I am most familiar, the Bronxville girls 4 X 800 (having run with the parents of two members, one of whom has joined us at the Rockies), defending champs, finished well back in sixth.