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Episode 20: Coogan’s Bluff and Other Stuff

February 27, 2011

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Julie, Brenn, and Joe, and for a brief period Steve, chatted about the final race of NYRR’s Thursday Night Races, at the Armory. And since we were figuratively up there, we spoke about this coming Sunday’s Coogan’s 5K, the first Club Race of the year. Secrets of the Course? We got ’em.

And what’s the state of track journalism? Brenn asked, commenting on a piece in the New York Times on a runner in Williamsburg. Brenn took particular issue (as apparently did many Brooklyn runners) with the following: “Among the first things I noticed when I started running was how few other runners I saw.” Get me Fact-Check!

And we had a bit of a follow-up on how badly runners treat cyclists in Central Park.

Next week: Julie and Joe and Amy and maybe others hope to have finished Coogan’s We’ll have their reports.

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