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November 25: Can You Hear Me Now?

November 25, 2012

Listen to Episode 101

We spent most of the show talking about not talking. The cone-of-silence from NYRR. Brenn pointed out that there are lots of complex issues and that NYRR may want to have them all resolved before presenting an omnibus announcement on what’s to be done about the Marathon. In any case, none of us, not Brenn, not Gregg, not Steve, not Joe, could come up with an easy solution so on that front it was agreed to cut NYRR some slack.

Steve pointed out an article in Runner’s World from David McGillivray, the Bostom Marathon RD, on race cancellations (which was written before but published after NY was cancelled.

Joe identified the Times article that said that Mary Wittenberg said — hearsay on hearsay — 2012 entrants have entry into 2013.

And Joe proposed a puzzler: How deep would a crowd be for a 25 mile course, allotting 1 yard per person, with people on both sides? (h/t to Scott Douglas.)

Also, the show ran a little long after technical difficulties delayed it being stopped. We spoke about tiered-pricing in the end.

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  1. November 26, 2012 10:34 pm

    Andy Greenblatt posted this on the NYRR FB page:

    Joe- How about full disclosure- You are not a NYRR member, you don’t run their races so why do you even bother to post on the page. NYRR is taking their time to line things up, and I am sure their team has been told to stay silent (which I don’t agree with either) but to ask them to answer non NYCM questions is equally ridiculous. Look at every post they put up since 10/28. It doesn’t matter what they say, they get attacked by negative persons. So maybe staying silent allows them to work the issues, and get answers so they can stop the negative crap. I am positive that they hate the silence as much as the rest of us. And..while I am on the subject- if you think of yourself as an authority on NYRR Communications, and able to speak, please state your qualifications to discuss- Do you know their communications team? Do you have insight into the process they are dealing with PR agencies or insurance companies or the city agencies? Are you in the industry? Or are you simply posting about your small little podcast on the NYRR facebook page to attract more listeners?

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