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Nov. 4: Marathon Sunday

November 5, 2012

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Brenn, Steve, Amy, and Joe talked about the cancellation of the Marathon, with a full-spectrum of views. As a follow-up, Nov. 5’s Times has a further article which makes it seem that it was Mayor Bloomberg who made the final call, and had to be persuaded to cancel.

Brenn mentioned a piece by Mike Cassidy of Staten Island. Here it is.


Oct. 28: Brenn, Joe, and a newbie, Sam

October 29, 2012

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Brenn gave his prediction for the marathon and we were joined for the first time from Sam, who goes by the handle Starvin Sammy. We had some technical difficulties at the end so the show kind of kept going like Ol’ Man River, but we get that sorted out.

Mostly we spoke of the NYC Marathon and some advice/suggestions on the race.

Oct. 21: Amy, Gregg, Steve, Joe

October 21, 2012

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The topic du jour: NYCRuns discussions about a revitalized club-series for 2013. Are there enough clubs interested? From an initial meeting, things sound promising.

Oct. 14: Amy, Brenn, Steve, Joe

October 14, 2012

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Amy spoke of her Paine to Pain experience and we all spoke about our NYRR experience, based on an article on Mary Wittenberg in today’s Times.

Oct. 7: Gregg, Brenn, Joe

October 9, 2012

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Gregg is recovering nicely from the Hamptons Race, enough to challenge Ritz to a race, and looking forward to doing it again.

Brenn is moving from the undecided column into the leaning-to-race column for New York, and promised to commit to a target time one week before New York. We intend to hold him to it.

And Joe was very charitable in giving his advice on how to race a marathon, based on his extensive experience at that distance. He’s done two.

Sept. 30: Gregg’s Hamptons, Amy’s Swm

September 30, 2012

Listen to Episode 92

Gregg detailed his adventures in the Hamptons Marathon. And a good showing indeed.

Amy returned with a bit of Paris and a bit of a Little Red Lighthouse swim.

And a bit of inside info on running Paine-to-Paine from Joe.

September 23: Yonkers

September 25, 2012

Listen to Episode 92

There was no show on September 16, which was when Yonkers was held. So Steve spoke about it, and the upcoming Narrows HM. We were joined for the first time by Mark Thompson, a good runner who’s getting ready for next week-end’s Hamptons Marathon (as is Gregg). Good luck to those guys.

September 9: Tuckahoe Challenge

September 25, 2012

Listen to Episode 91

Brenn and Joe ran the Tuckahoe Challenge, so they yacked about that. Gregg is preparing to run the Hamptons Marathon, so we yacked about that. Bonus trivia: Although the “Tuckahoe Challenge” took place in the Tuckahoe in Westchester County, there is another Tuckahoe in the Hamptons. Go figure.

Sept. 2: Gregg, Joe, and a touch of Steve

September 3, 2012

Listen to Episode 90

Steve talked of the updated NYCRuns site and then bowed out as Gregg and Joe went on about the Paul Ryan Marathon-fiasco. I’d post a link to the LetsRun thread that started it all, but it appears to have been deleted.

August 26: Gregg, Brenn, Joe, and their Baggage

August 26, 2012

Listen to Episode 89

Gregg gave us a rundown of his Percy Sutton 5K on Sunday, in which he set a PR.

And speaking of PR, or the lack thereof, we then discussed NYRR’s decision, and the way it announced the decision, that there will be no baggage claim in this year’s marathon. Brenn made the good point that it might be better to get a lined poncho right after the finish than wait however long it would take to get your own clothes. This point was one NYRR never got around to making.

Finally, Brenn’s heading up to Tuckahoe on September 9 for the Tuckahoe Challenge race. Here’s a link.