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Dec. 16: NYCRuns in Review

December 16, 2012

Listen to Episode 104

Steve and Joe talking about the year.

Dec. 9: The NYCRuns Ekiden

December 10, 2012

Listen to Episode 103

With Steve, Brenn, and Emmy.

Much was said about the NYC Ekiden that NYCRuns put on on Dec. 9. A great event. Steve found some video of the first one put on by NYRRC back in 1988:

We spoke of a photo from NYRR from this years Empire State Building Run-Up. Here’s the Facebook entry. Here’s video. The issue is No. 1 (who won the race). Seems pretty clear he false-started and that’s why he blocked the other runners:


Dec. 2: Following Up

December 2, 2012

Listen to Episode 102

Steve, Sam, and Joe were joined by the long-missed Ari, who had good things to say about the Disney wine-and-dine HM he ran with a friend in November. Follow-up on NYRR’s improved communications. What’s up with Mary Cain. And how about getting people to learn about others looking to run together at, say, the Rockies. And some talk about LetsRun’s message board. Plus some spontaneous training advice.

November 25: Can You Hear Me Now?

November 25, 2012

Listen to Episode 101

We spent most of the show talking about not talking. The cone-of-silence from NYRR. Brenn pointed out that there are lots of complex issues and that NYRR may want to have them all resolved before presenting an omnibus announcement on what’s to be done about the Marathon. In any case, none of us, not Brenn, not Gregg, not Steve, not Joe, could come up with an easy solution so on that front it was agreed to cut NYRR some slack.

Steve pointed out an article in Runner’s World from David McGillivray, the Bostom Marathon RD, on race cancellations (which was written before but published after NY was cancelled.

Joe identified the Times article that said that Mary Wittenberg said — hearsay on hearsay — 2012 entrants have entry into 2013.

And Joe proposed a puzzler: How deep would a crowd be for a 25 mile course, allotting 1 yard per person, with people on both sides? (h/t to Scott Douglas.)

Also, the show ran a little long after technical difficulties delayed it being stopped. We spoke about tiered-pricing in the end.

November 18: The Brooklyn Marathon (and Bucks County too)

November 18, 2012

Listen to Episode 100

Amy, Brenn, Steve on Brooklyn. Gregg on Bucks County.


November 11: One Week To Brooklyn

November 11, 2012

Listen to Episode 99

Steve Lastoe his Brooklyn Marathon crew were on board to talk about next Sunday’s Brooklyn Marathon. Joined by Brenn, Amy, Sam, and Joe.

Nov. 4: Marathon Sunday

November 5, 2012

Listen to Episode 98

Brenn, Steve, Amy, and Joe talked about the cancellation of the Marathon, with a full-spectrum of views. As a follow-up, Nov. 5’s Times has a further article which makes it seem that it was Mayor Bloomberg who made the final call, and had to be persuaded to cancel.

Brenn mentioned a piece by Mike Cassidy of Staten Island. Here it is.